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Lawndale Senior Residences
Senior Living Near Lake El Dorado

1630 N. Main St, El Dorado, KS 67042 ♦ Tel: (316) 321-4473 ♦ Fax: (316) 321-5907

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» Want to pay your rent online?
Although we don’t offer direct online payments, many banks and financial institutions offer a bill pay service which will debit the rent amount from your specified account. create a check and mail the check to us at Lawndale Senior Residences. This option allows for automated payments on a specific date each month or manual one off payments at your discretion.

Most banks allow for setting up an account to pay, which makes the process much faster in future transactions, often just selecting a payee from a list, typing in a payment amount and clicking ‘send’ or ‘pay’. Obviously we can not walk you through the process as different banks have differing systems, but you’ll normally find this service under ‘Bill Pay’ or ‘Pay Bills’ in your online banking interface, please call your financial for help setting up this feature.

Please Note: payment needs to reach us by the fifth day of the month to avoid late fees, most online banking systems will tell you when they expect the payment to be delivered before sending payments, on average payments take 5 days to arrive through USPS.

Checks need to be made payable to:

“Lawndale Senior Residences”

and mailed to

1630 N. Main St
El Dorado , KS 67042

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